yoga-inspired programs

Try our yoga programs and FLOW with us – everything from freestyle flows to structured Ashtanga programs and everything in between.


stretch-inspired programs

Life is so much easier when your body can BEND! Learn to stretch and become more flexible with our bend programs – whether you have a specific goal or want to achieve improved full-body mobility.


muscle-specific programs

Our DEFINE programs provide you quick, short and convenient opportunities to work on specific muscle groups and build muscle. Tone & define key areas and feel stronger overall!


cardio-inspired programs

This is your chance to work up a sweat, increase your heart rate and BURN some kcals! Whether your goal is to work off stress, lose weight, or simply get your body moving, these are the programs for you.


core & pilates-inspired programs

CONNECT and engage your core, your center with our Pilates-inspired programs. Lengthen & strengthen becoming stronger overall, and maybe even give your abs a chance to pop out and say “Hello”!


rehab-inspired programs

For those days when you’re just not feeling it… Our FEEL programs will allow you to do just that. Feel better with our rehab-inspired programs. The perfect self-care fix!


relaxation-inspired programs

Simply just BE. Our meditation programs allow you the time to tune into yourself, tune out the world, and clear your mind so you can focus on what really matters. The perfect “rest day” option.